Fr. Kelvin Ugwu Urges People To Watch BBC Documentary Before Defending T.B. Joshua

Fr. Kelvin Ugwu Urges People To Watch BBC Documentary Before Defending T.B. Joshua

 Nigerian Catholic priest Fr. Kelvin Ugwu, currently based in Malawi, has weighed in on the recent allegations against the late Prophet T.B Joshua in a compelling message to the public.

Commending the BBC's bold step in investigating and interviewing individuals who worked closely with the late prophet, Fr. Ugwu urged the public to reserve judgment until they have watched the three-episode documentary.

In his message, Fr. Ugwu advocated for an open-minded approach, saying, "Before you start fighting and defending TB Joshua, take three hours of your time and quietly watch the three-episode documentary. At least, give your brain the benefit of hearing other people's views." This call for thoughtful consideration echoes a desire for people to make informed opinions based on a comprehensive understanding of the allegations.

Addressing a common reluctance to speak out against influential figures, Fr. Ugwu expressed concern, stating, "Most of you know that TB Joshua was evil, but you think God will slap you when you tell the truth."


He emphasized the importance of confronting uncomfortable truths and urged the public to move beyond the fear of divine retribution for speaking out against perceived wrongs.

Also, he highlighted the recurring tendency to dismiss criticism of religious leaders as mere jealousy. He remarked, "Why all these bother me is that many of you will still not learn. The moment we talk about some of these ministers and their so-called miracles, you think we are jealous because we are what you describe as 'carnal men.'"


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